Are you ready to meet your soulmate and be in a TOTALLY AMAZING relationship but not sure how to break out of the same old patterns to make it happen?

In 5 days of taking on this challenge, you will see, hear, and really feel what you need to do to create the extraordinary relationship of your DREAMS for only $75!

Hurry! The challenge takes place on Sep 19 - 23. Prices have already increased from before and we don't know if we'll be offering a challenge for only $75 like this ever again.


Are you tired of making the same mistakes when it comes to dating and relationships?

Dear frustrated dater,


Can you relate to any of these experiences?


You chase a person text after text or they just ghost you. YOU find and like that one person and they say, “I am not ready for a relationship.” Then they are in a relationship with the next person they meet? You find out that the person you’ve been dating for months just isn’t that into you. You realize you are just part of the buffet. Either there is nothing special or people make you think you are not special!!!


You’re both too busy with your careers to plan a future. You really like the person but you’re just doubting yourself or others the moment things don’t work. You can't seem to get this right.

Your text conversations make you think you found the one. Only to realize there is nothing in common in person.


The physical attraction is amazing but there is no emotional connection.


You’re meeting amazing people but nobody wants to commit. Or maybe you’re scared to commit.


You feel like you have too many choices with online dating. You feel held to unrealistic standards with the people you meet online. Online dating has you think that maybe there is no special person for you.


You just one bad date away from throwing in the towel.

You desperately need to know - how do you stop these patterns from happening so you can actually manifest a fulfilling and lasting relationship?

Meet your coach

ganga bodyshot.png

Hey, it’s Ganga. I’ve been in your shoes and did it the hard way. It took me decades before manifesting the love of my life. Maybe you’ve been trying for many years and can relate to the pain and frustration. I created this challenge so nobody ever has to go through any more pain and heartbreak alone, not knowing if you can even have the relationship of your dreams or how to get there.


After ending a 22 year abusive relationship with my only ever romantic partner, I spent 10 years relentlessly rediscovering what it means to have a successful relationship and how to create it - how to manifest the exact life partner who has all the qualities I could ever want, and how to become the exact match for him. With a fierce determination to keep going no matter what, after 199 dates and many hard lessons learned, I attracted the man of my dreams from across the country and he proposed to me within months!

When you can remove your invisible barriers and are clear you know what you want and are willing to do whatever it takes to have it, manifesting it can happen just like that! 


So the honest question you need to ask yourself is…


Are you willing to make the commitment to give yourself the gift of being in the BEST relationship you can imagine by applying the powerful principles I am about to teach you, no matter what?


Many people complain about being unhappy, but very few choose to take action to actually BE happy. That choice is only up to you.


Are you going to let another day pass hoping and wishing?

Or will you take effective ACTION?

5 days of transformation

Happy Couple Hugging_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Are you ready to meet your soulmate and be in a TOTALLY AMAZING relationship but not sure how to break out of the same old patterns to make it happen?


We will be teaching you the core principles that make a relationship successful and how you can apply them. We're not simply coaching you to be in a relationship, we are setting you up for a lifetime of love and happiness.


For 5 intensive days, you will be fully immersed with a daily coaching video plus practical assignments designed to support you getting the best results.

We will be doing a combination of recorded and LIVE coaching sessions to help you with exactly the areas you are working on.


Daily coaching video daily to teach you the core principles to create successful relationships.


The assignments are designed to challenge you in new ways - that's where the breakthroughs happen


You will be inspired and accountable in a group of motivated people creating their ideal relationships.


In addition to a supportive, safe group environment, I will be accessible and here to support you the entire time.

We will be dispelling many of the most common misconceptions about what people "think" a relationship is and teaching you the core principles that actually make it successful and how you can apply them. We're not simply coaching you to be in a relationship, we are setting you up for a lifetime of love and happiness.


We will be revealing the biggest barriers that stop you from feeling worthy of having what it is that you really want so you can pursue the relationship of your DREAMS with confidence. 


You will get insight into how your unconscious beliefs have attracted the same things you don't want until now and how to break free of old patterns to manifest your ideal partner.


In the process, you will discover what it is that you really want and what's possible in a relationship for you beyond what you can imagine now!


And we will be right here to support you the entire time.

No more doing it alone.

No more waiting or feeling stuck.

Time is ticking and life will keep moving.

You deserve to start creating the most extraordinary relationship and a lifetime of love, happiness, and partnership NOW!

Are you ready and committed to learn what's stopping you and how to have what you want so you can create your DREAM relationship?

Challenge takes place on Aug 22-26.

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[IMPORTANT NOTE] What we are about to teach you is so valuable and life changing, we are only offering it for $30 exclusively to you for a very short time and then we will be CLOSING the group after the challenge ends. So be sure to INVITE everyone you know who is committed to creating their DREAM relationship too!

The course has been quite the roller coaster! I’ve derived soooo much value from it! I’m now confident in my self worth, what I want and how to communicate that to my partner, from a place of love and commitment to our relationship, so I know that my communications are well received. Now my relationships are 2 way street, where my partner wants to make me happy and has my best interest at heart, just like I have his!
Thank you Ganga.

Ina M.

Before the Challenge

  • Tired of making the same mistakes

  • Doubtful if you can ever truly be happy in a relationship

  • Not sure if you can handle any more pain and heartbreak

  • Unhappy where you are in your life

After the Challenge

  • Having CLARITY on what it is that you want in your relationship

  • Feeling WORTHY of being in the best relationship imaginable

  • Feeling CONFIDENT you can create it

  • Feeling SUPPORTED to take the necessary actions!